software Wi-FI Password Viewer - Know The Password Of A Connected Wi-Fi

Sometime Your Friends Or In Internet Cafes Or Some Other Places Wi-Fi Is Available But They Don't Tell You The Password

But With This Little Trick You Can Find The Wi-Fi Password Connected To Their Computers


If They Entered The Password In Your Computer Then You Can Find The Password By

Using This Tool

Just Put This On PenDrive

Connect It To The PC

And Follow The Instructions :)

 hello guys, lagi jalan" di google eh nemu nih software buat melihat pasword wifi yg terkunci ya udah saya share aja tuk kalian smua... ^_^

1. Download The File From The Below Link
2. Extract The Zip File

3. Open The SSID.exe File From The Folder

4. Type The Wi-Fi Name or SSID Connected To The PC And Hit Enter

5. And Press Any Key To Exit

6. Open The wlan.log File From The Folder

7. Find The "Security settings" Section

8.You Will Find The Wi-Fi Password As "Key Content"

 Connect The Wi-Fi And Enjoy :)

Download Wi-Fi Password Viewer From Below Links

Note: Wi-Fi Must Be Connected To The PC At least One Time!

Sumber : maxyspark

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