BackUp4All Professional Software Serial Key Free Download

Backup4All Review is resourceful backup software that safeguards data from loss either partial or total. Its automatic backup process saves time. It quickly compresses data to save space of storage by using Standard zip format. It artistically encrypts backup to secure it from any unauthorized usage. cracked software

BackUp4All Pro 4.8, 5.0 Serial Number Full Version Free Download

BackUp4All  Features:

  1. It is magical for tracking file versions; it lets a user restore any last version of a file.
  2. It comprises on built-in engine for DVD/CD/Blu-ray burning that eases burning of DVD/CD/Blu-ray.
  3. It comes with backup wizard that helps a user in restoring and backing up.
  4. User can configure this software that allows it to send e-mails to after successful completion of a backup process.
  5. This software helps user in automatic backups as it contains on built-in scheduler that ensures perfect backup of necessary files at scheduled dates.
  6. With the assistance of this handy software, users can put online backup of data to any remote location by using FTP connection.

BackUp4All  System Requirement:

Backup4All is user-friendly software that supports all operating system of Microsoft Windows.
BackUp4All Professional Software Serial Key Free Download
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